We purchased Ruler from the Merit dispersal in the fall of 2009. We'll be looking for him to add some muscle and meat while maintaining calving ease. This bull has had a long history and worked in some great herds so we await the 2011 calves with anticipation.

Magnum was only here for a month in the spring of 2009 but he bred most of our cows in that time.  We look forward to his calves in 2010.  Magnum was doing a great job leaving consistent thick calves that were born easy for Triple C.

Appraiser has left us with many useful sons in the commercial herd and great daughters in the purebred herd. He will be remembered for improving milk and udder type and consistently producing highly maternal, easy calving progeny.

We bought Amante for his length and frame size, he also brought us calving ease and hair.  We look forward to seeing his daughters in production in 2010.  He was used again in 2009 during the summer breeding season.