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Myhre Land and Cattle to Denbie Ranch & Guests Bull Sale. 

Saturday, February 19th, 2022
2:00 P.M.
Ste. Rose Auctition Mart

Welcome fellow cattlemen to the annual Denbie Ranch and Guests Bull Sale. Thank you to all of our bidders and buyers in our previous sales. We are raising these 2 yr old bulls in a very no nonsense program. They are grown out slowly for your benefit rather than being pushed hard to show big performance numbers. They are born on pasture without a bunch of babysitting and they will work for you regardless of your system. We have done DNA testing and many of the bulls are homozygous polled.

Our cattle are on a full vaccination and mineral program and we welcome any questions regarding the management of our herd. This winter the bulls have been fed a TMR silage and barley ration. As always, we are offering to take the bulls back home and feed them until April 1st at which time they must be delivered before we start calving. This is at no cost to the buyer. After April 1st we will charge $4/day for keeping the bulls. All bulls returning to our yard do so at the risk of the new owner and should be insured. The bulls have all passed a semen test but it is recommended that the new owner retest the bulls if they are not going to work for a few months. The sale will once again be available online and we encourage all prospective buyers to come and view the bulls at the farm any time before the sale.

See you February 19.
Sincerely, Hans