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Myhre Land and Cattle is a 400-head cow-calf operation located 4 hours northwest of Winnipeg at Dauphin, MB. About 600 acres of pasture and crop land are rotationally grazed at the Dauphin headquarters, overlooking Riding Mountain National Park.

The operation is managed by Hans & Mary with help by our two boys Ethan & Noah. The boys are active in 4H, hockey and local church programs. Mary also works off farm in the city of Dauphin.

Dauphin is home to numerous attractions including Country Fest, and Canada's National Ukrainian Festival. Close to the farm is Dauphin Bible Camp, host to over 600 summer campers, and a small church started by the rural inhabitants that has sent missionaries to every continent. Dauphin is a beautiful city of 9000 people with excellent health and school facilities.

The ranch consists of roughly 25,000 acres near the metis village of Crane River which is next to Lake Manitoba, 1 hour from Dauphin. The Crane River and Crane Lake run through the middle of the grazing land. The part of the ranch most popular for fishing and camping is Louis Island located in Crane Bay. Pickerel and perch are caught year-round by commercial fishermen from Crane River and O-Chi-Chak Ko Sipi First Nation.

The commercial cow herd is largely red angus based with charolais bulls crossing on the red cows to produce a growthy buckskin calf.  The purebred charolais herd was begun in 2001 to provide bulls for the commercial herd and has developed to the point where some bulls are offered for sale.  Calving season begins in the middle of May each year when the cows are bale grazing and graduating onto fresh spring grass.